John Goodby

Professor John Goodby

A world authority on Dylan Thomas and expert on modern Irish poetry, Professor John Goodby is a critic, poet, and translator of poetry, and Director of Swansea University’s Dylan Thomas Research Project.

His most recent books on Dylan Thomas are The Poetry of Dylan Thomas: Under the Spelling Wall (2013) and a new centenary annotated edition of the Collected Poems, due to be published in October 2014. 

Rhodri Morgan

The Right Honourable Rhodri Morgan

The Right Honourable Rhodri Morgan was elected to Parliament in 1987 and served as First Minister of Wales in from February 2000 to December 2009.

He is Chancellor of Swansea University Council, an honorary role which sees him raising the profile of the institution and acting as an ambassador for the University and its staff and students. 



Andrew Barron

Professor Andrew Barron

Professor Andrew Barron is Distinguished Professor at Swansea University’s College of Engineering where his research involves the application of nanotechnology to fundamental problems in energy and health research.

He heads up the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI), a £38 million investment on the new Science and Innovation Campus which will concentrate elements of the University’s energy research with a unique focus on safety. 

Mark Blagrove

Professor Mark Blagrove

Professor Mark Blagrove is Head of the Department of Psychology and Director of the Swansea University Sleep Laboratory which investigates sleep, dreaming, and what happens when people are deprived of sleep.

His research focuses on the relationship between sleep and cognition, including the effects of sleep loss, memory consolidation, functions of sleep, causes and possible functions of dreaming, nightmares and lucid dreams. 

Philip Bobbit

Philip Bobbit

Professor Philip Bobbitt is a faculty member at Swansea University's College of Law, Herbert Wechsler Professor of Federal Jurisprudence and Director of the Centre for National Security Law at the Columbia University School of Law, and a Senior Fellow at the Robert S. Strauss Centre for International Security and Law at the University of Texas.

He has served as Associate Counsel to the President of the United States, the Counsellor on International Law at the State Department, Legal Counsel to the Senate Iran-Contra Committee, and Director for Intelligence, Senior Director for Critical Infrastructure and Senior Director for Strategic Planning at the National Security Council.


David Britton

D.J. Britton

D.J.Britton, Director of Studies in Creative Writing at Swansea University, is an award-winning dramatist, director and dramaturge.

His recent stage plays include the much acclaimed The Wizard, the Goat and the Man Who Won the War, drawn from the life of British Prime Minister David Lloyd George which received three nominations at the Wales Theatre Awards. 

His work has won numerous awards and accolades, and his radio play 'Chelsea Dreaming', which takes the form of a dramatic conversation between the voice of the Chelsea Hotel and the spirit of Dylan Thomas, has been described as "the year’s coolest celebration of the Dylan Thomas centenary."

Vanessa Burholt

Professor Vanessa Burholt

Professor Vanessa Burholt is Professor of Gerontology in the College of Human and Health Sciences and Director of Swansea’s Centre for Innovative Ageing (CIA).

She holds a public appointment as the research member on the National Partnership Forum for Older People in Wales, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Maggie Jing Chen

Dr Maggie (Jing) Chen

Dr Maggie (Jing) Chen is a Senior Lecturer in Finance in the School of Management where her research focuses on liquidity provision, information dynamics and their relation to policy changes in financial markets.

She collaborates with various scholars in the UK and overseas and is currently based at Columbia University, New York.

Steve Conlan

Steve Conlan

Steve Conlan is Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology and head of Reproductive Biology and Gynaecological Oncology research at Swansea University’s College of Medicine.

His research focuses on the application of molecular, cellular and nano biology approaches to understanding gynaecological pathologies and he holds an honorary consultant position in the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg NHS Board. 

Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies

Dr Matthew Davies is a senior lecturer on the Sêr Cymru Solar initiative who joined the SPECIFIC team in 2011 helping to develop solid state and perovskite based photovoltaics.

Matthew’s research interests are in the areas of photochemistry, physical chemistry and solar energy and he is currently developing capabilities in the areas of photochemistry and photovoltaic device physics and stability through the development of a photochemistry and laser spectroscopy group at SPECIFIC, Swansea University.

Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards

Dr Michelle Edwards is an Research Fellow in the Centre for Innovative Ageing in Swansea University's College of Health and Human Science.  

Funded by NISCHR, her Research Fellowship has explored the distribution of health literacy in social networks of older people. She is a member of the UK Health Literacy Group and an advisor on health literacy to Public Health Wales and her research interests include health literacy, long term conditions, mental health literacy, shared decsion making, patients education, self management, older people, depression and diabetes.

Ben Evans

Dr Ben Evans

Dr Ben Evans is a lecturer in Aerospace Engineering and his research interests range from computational shape optimisation and high speed aerodynamic modelling to molecular gas dynamics simulation.  

He sits on the design team for the BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record project which aims to take the World Land Speed Record to 1000 mph.  

Sir Roderick Evans

Sir Roderick Evans

Sir Roderick Evans is a former British judge of the High Court of England and Wales. 

He is Pro Chancellor of the Council of Swansea University, its governing body and a member of the Swansea University Court which plays an important and influential role in seeing that the University is well-managed, properly governed and responsive to public and local interests and concerns.


Kurt Heinzelman

Kurt Heinzelman

Professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin and Honorary Professor at Swansea University, Kurt Heinzelman has written extensively on British Romanticism, poetry and poetics, and cultural economics.

He is former Executive Curator at the Harry Ransom Center, home to one of the world’s largest collections of Dylan Thomas’ manuscripts, notebooks and other papers, and was one of the judges for the 2014 International Dylan Thomas Prize.

Julian Hopkin

Professor Julian Hopkin

Professor Julian Hopkin is Professor of Experimental Medicine and former Head of Swansea University’s College of Medicine. He was the Founding Director of Swansea University’s Clinical School (now the College of Medicine), which has seen Clinical and Life Sciences become one of Swansea University’s key strengths and priorities.

Professor Hopkin has a distinguished reputation for research in respiratory medicine and allergy and is now best known as an international authority on the genetics of asthma. 

Helen Mary Jones

Helen Mary Jones

Helen Mary Jones is a politician who was a member of the National Assembly for Wales from 1999 to 2011. Her political interests include environmental issues, social justice, equal opportunities, children's rights and employment.

Her political roles included Shadow Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning, Shadow Minister for the Environment, Planning and Countryside, and Chair of the National Assembly for Wales Children and Young Persons’ Committee.


Niels Madsen

Niels Madsen

Professor Niels Madsen is an experimental physicist who specializes in work on fundamental physics with antimatter.

His research interests include antihydrogen, atomic physics, laser cooling, plasma physics, fundamental physics, spectroscopy and non-neutral plasmas. He is co-founder and group leader of the ALPHA collaboration at CERN that was the first group to trap antihydrogen and observe the first quantum transitions in it. 

Tavi Murray

Professor Tavi Murray

Professor Tavi Murray is professor of glaciology, head of Swansea's Glaciology Group, and a deputy Pro Vice Chancellor at Swansea University.

She is a world authority on glaciology and is at the forefront of research that informs the debate on climate change, one of the most pressing issues of our time.

In 2007 she was awarded the Polar Medal by the Queen for outstanding service to polar research.

Nigel Pollard

Dr Nigel Pollard

Dr Nigel Pollard is, by training, a historian and archaeologist of the Roman world whose current research interests include cultural property protection in conflict zones.

At present he is working primarily on a study of the protection, damage and reception of archaeological sites and monuments in the Second World War, including the work of the Allied Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Sub-Commission (the ‘Monuments Men’).

Paul Rees

Professor Paul Rees

Professor Paul Rees from the College of Engineering has research interests in flow cytometry, systems biology, the simulation of blood clotting, and colloidal quantum dots.

He is a member of Swansea University’s £22 million Centre for Nanohealth, a Senior Affiliate of the Methodist Hospital Research Academy and a visiting Professor at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA.

Andrea Tales

Andrea Tales

Professor Andrea Tales holds a personal chair in the Department of Psychology.

 Her particular interest is the characterisation of mild and subjective cognitive impairment and much of her research has been funded by BRACE-Alzheimer's Research.



Jane Williams

Jane Williams

Jane Williams is Associate Professor in the College of Law where her research interests include the implementation of human rights obligations, especially relating to the rights of children and young people, and law and multi-level governance.

She is Co-Director of the Wales Observatory on Human Rights of children and Young People, a collaborative project which acts as a forum for research, advocacy and expertise on the human rights of children and young people.

Daniel Williams

Professor Daniel Williams

Professor Daniel Williams is Director of Swansea University’s Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales and was a Leverhulme Trust funded Visiting Professor at Harvard University in 2012. 

His research interests include Welsh literature in Welsh and English, American literature, African-American literature, Celticism, Multilingualism, Transatlantic Literature, Comparative Literature, Nationalism, Ethnicity, New Left, Critical Theory and Intellectual History. 

Rory Wilson

Professor Rory Wilson

Professor Rory Wilson is Head of the Department of Biosciences within Swansea University’s College of Science.

His research reflects his interest in how free-living animals modulate the energetic costs they have for activities according to their environment and particularly how animals manage their time and energy to forage most effectively.

He was recently Chief Scientific Advisor on National Geographic's Great Migrations series. 

David Worsley

Professor David Worsley

Professor David Worsley is Head of Swansea University’s Materials Research Centre, Director of the £7million Steel Training Research and innovation Partnership, and Research Director of the £20million SPECIFIC project.

His research interests range from coatings used for corrosion protection to renewable energy generation and he has authored/co-authored over 100 publications on coated product development.