Booking Taliesin Create

The bookable spaces at Taliesin Create are now open to all Swansea University students, staff, activities and societies.

To check availability and to book the Mall and/or Studio, please use LibCal 

If you wish to discuss your activity/event with Taliesin Create's Creativity Programme Officer, please contact Reg Noyes:

An exciting new space for students and staff

Artist impression of Taliesin Create

An exciting new space for students and staff has been unveiled.

Taliesin Create/Creu Taliesin, in the Taliesin Arts Centre at Singleton Campus, has been redeveloped at a cost of £2 million as an inclusive and flexible area for students, staff and the wider community.

Taliesin Create/Creu Taliesin will be available for the creative activities of students, staff and the community. The venue includes two bookable spaces with capacity for 40 people in each. The Mall is a closable glass-walled room with tables and digital projection, while the Studio is a self-contained amphitheatre with bleacher seating for performances and talks.

Taliesin Create also features a digital wall, a green screen for filming, group working areas and meeting points. 

“We want Taliesin Create to evolve with the imagination of those who use it; its fluid identity the sum of every student, staff and community activity created within it,” said Creativity Programme Officer Reg Noyes.  

“The potential uses of Taliesin Create are limitless: hackspaces and maker spaces, virtual and augmented reality, student curated exhibitions and festivals, digital art and installations, e-publishing and journalism, mini-TED talks, multi-lingual and cross-cultural events, poetry slams, dance and movement workshops, drama readings and book launches, theatre and film discussions, comedy and debate – there is no limit to what we can consider.

“Working in tandem with the Taliesin Arts Centre, Taliesin Create is a permanent and visible advert for the vitality of arts, culture, creativity and innovation at Swansea University.”

Taliesin Create will be managed by CoAH and Information Services and Systems (ISS). Room bookings can be made via an online system, further information about which will be available shortly on the University’s website. Activities will be programmed and facilitated by Creativity Programme Officer Reg Noyes:

Frankenstein at Taliesin Create

The Cultural Institute is proud to present Frankenstein at Taliesin Create.
To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Taliesin Create will host an array of talks, presentations, panel discussions, participatory arts workshops, and a live reading of Frankenstein in its entirety by Creative Writing students.

To accompany these events, Cascade Dance and the Taliesin Arts Centre will present their new production of Frankenstein, and the Waterfront Museum will host a special Oriel Science Café that explores the science behind Shelley’s novel, and its continued popularity two centuries later.

Events run from Tuesday 30 October – Thursday 1 November.

For the full listing of events and contributors click here!

For further information, please contact Creativity Programme Officer Reg Noyes: