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Walk to Our Campuses

If you live close enough to campus, why not walk?

Depending on where you live, you can walk across the beautiful promenade, through the stunning grounds of Singleton park or across the impressive SA1 Bay development to get to our campuses.

Making small changes like walking to university every now and again really add up to make a great impact on our environment and our own personal wellbeing.

If you're a student and you're interested in Sustainability and Wellbeing, you can sign up to our Sustainability Award and get involved in some brilliant events and activities.

Staff can earn SWell points for completing tasks sustainably. Find out more about SWell.

We're proud to be one of the greenest University's in the UK!

People and Planet - University Green League logo. Stating that Swansea University has been awarded the 1st class award.

You can read all about the People and Planet University League here.

Swansea University has worked, and continues to work, very hard to achieve outcomes and awards like this.

You can find out everything you need know know about sustainability and how we're implementing our sustainability plans here.

Making small changes, like walking to work or using public transport, really help!

Want to travel by bike?

Cycling is a fantastic way of getting around. Swansea is a cycle-friendly university with plenty of bike parking on both campuses, as well as showers and other facilities. Find out all about cycle routes, discount schemes and cycling initiatives over at our Bike Travel page.