Covid-19 Update

We Are Open!

As part of the reopening strategy, we will have enhanced cleaning regimes for our bikes. However, we call on all our users to help us protect the community in Swansea by washing their hands before and after riding and / or wearing gloves and continuing to follow government guidelines during this time.

Further customer advice, cleaning measures and general updates can be found over on nextbike's COVID-19 information page.

Santander Cycles Study Aid Offer

Are you currently in Swansea and in need of a break from your studies? Why not hop on a Santander Cycle for your daily exercise or to make your essential journeys?

To support our students who are in Swansea studying for exams, we are offering free use of Santander Cycles for students during January.

The voucher code StudyAid will give the bearer unlimited 30 minute rentals free for one month (additional 30 minutes cost 50p) and you can redeem your voucher up until 31 January 2021. You can access instructions about how to redeem the voucher code via the app or online here: Voucher Codes: How To Redeem Your Code.

Please make sure you follow the very latest covid guidelines and only use the bikes for essential journeys or daily exercise if your personal situation allows. Covid guidance for our current students is online here.

Explore Swansea with our Santander Cycles

If you don’t have your own bike then hiring a Santander Cycle to get you to or from Uni or from one side of Swansea to another is a great idea!

There are hubs located on both our campuses and Swansea University students and staff can get an annual membership for just £30 a year, making the hire scheme an extremely affordable travel option.

Santander Cycle on the beach
Santander cycles hub

How does the scheme work?

First of all, you need to register. You only have to do this once to join Santander Cycles! Once you’ve done that, the bikes are easy to hire by phone, app or on the bike’s terminal. The scheme is operated by bikeshare provider Nextbike so once you’re registered you can hire Nextbikes in 25 countries worldwide!

The bikes are really easy to use:

1. Unlock
Once you’ve hired the bike, just pull the lock cable out from the dock and lock it into the holder on the bike.

2. Park
You can stop and park up your bike at any time! You need to temporarily lock your cycle by passing the cable lock through the fork and pressing C to park. After your finished and when you come back to your locked bike, just enter your 4-digit code to release the lock and jump back on!

3. Return
You can take your bike back to any of the 5 docking stations. To return your bike push the lock cable through the docking station rack and fork to secure, push to lock, pull to check, press OK to end your hire period and wait for the return confirmation message. Have a look at the handy video guide.

If the docking station is full, don’t worry! You can lock the bike to itself with the cable lock and leave it next to the docking station.