The University has committed to reducing its carbon emissions with zero carbon from Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2040, accompanied by challenging Scope 3 targets. In order for us to achieve this we need to consider how we operate in all spaces across the University, including labs and workshops.

Why laboratories and workshops?

Laboratories and workshops are high resource use spaces which are estimated to use the following*

  • Three and 10 times more energy than offices
  • Four times more water than offices
  • Five and a half metric tons of plastic waste

*My Green Lab

What can we do to reduce the environmental impact of our lab operations?

By acknowledging the impact we have and addressing it on a local level we can all reduce our impacts:

  • Add any environmental impacts to your risk assessment and how you can manage and mitigate them; risks may include waste, emissions to air, discharge to drain, use of resources, energy use and travel
  • Include mitigation in your resulting SOPs, from switching off equipment to utilising the correct waste streams
  • Think about what positive sustainability opportunities there are that you could exploit
  • Join our sustainable labs accreditation programme ‘LEAF’
  • Share good practice to help others reduce their negative impacts and increase their positive impacts
  • Check out ideas and inspiration for becoming more sustainable on the link below
  • Join your local Safety & Sustainability Network