Embedding culture and developing community involvement

At Swansea University we work closely with staff, students and other stakeholders including our local community. By offering all our stakeholders a range of opportunities to get involved in our work, we aim to embed a culture of sustainable development which will ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

We’ve developed a comprehensive Sustainability Communication and Engagement Plan to guide our work and enable us to effectively communicate and engage with all members of our University and local community, including businesses and other stakeholders, to ensure we make sustainable developments which improve the lives, not only of our staff and students, but also those living within our local and wider community.

We work together with Swansea University Students' Union, who use Green Impact to engage with students and the community to support the delivery of our Sustainability Strategy. The Students' Union, representing the student voice is present on all key committees, including the Corporate Responsibility Committee which covers all sustainability issues. There are also the following forums;

  • a liaison group between SLT and the student voice directly - this is called the SLT/FTO Meeting, and any issues pertaining to students, including financial planning, sustainability and estates can be brought to this forum. This allows for ongoing flexibility and responsiveness to student issues.
  • The Student Partnership and Engagement Committee (SPEC) – this is co-chaired by the SU President and PVC Martin Stringer. The Committee considers all matters relating to student engagement and partnership and promotes innovative strategies for communication, engagement and feedback between the University and Council with the general student population, the Students’ Union and Discovery SVS.

More detail on collaborative working can be found here;