Report environmental adverse events with Report It!

Report it! is our easy online adverse events reporting system for accidents and incidents related to health, safety, environment and business resilience. 

What is an environmental adverse event?

Environmental-biased adverse events can include a wide variety of situations that have or could lead to accidents or incidents, near-misses or undesired circumstances. These could be:

  • spills
  • physical damage to the local environment
  • incorrect waste disposal/storage
  • wildlife welfare
  • unplanned emissions to air, land or water
  • noise

Why report adverse events?

Recording adverse events allows us to learn from the situation and make changes to prevent future occurrences. Following on from an investigation, the identification of future risk control factors and implementation of action plans will support safe and sustainable operations on our campuses.

How do I record an adverse event?

You can record an adverse event on our Health and Safety Pages