Why Do We Have An Environmental Management System?

Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is a a tool we use to enable us to manage our environmental responsibilities, including compliance, risk, impacts and emergencies. You can view the full list of EMS operational procedures.

Through our EMS, we can manage our environmental impacts in areas like resource consumption, waste production, control on emissions, biodiversity, travel, construction and refurbishment and sustainable procurement.

Through ISO14001:2015, our EMS is accredited to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). ISO14001:2015 helps us create an effective EMS and gives our customers, employees and other stakeholders assurance that we are carefully considering and monitoring our impacts.

Who is responsible for our EMS?

We are all responsible for the environmental impacts of the University:

  • The University Senior Leadership Team provides leadership around EMS 
  • Our Sustainability Team manages the system and offers support to University staff with regards their EMS responsibilities
  • All staff in University Faculties and Professional Service Units have associated, local EMS action plans

We work closely with staff across the organisation to develop and implement our EMS. We expect all staff to support our work by implementing and championing new EMS operational procedures and environmental best practice.

University staff can find out more about our EMS on our staff intranet.

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