Underpinning our Environmental Management System are our operational procuedures that support the day-to-day activities which take place across our campuses. Outlined in the table below are the University’s central EMS procedures and operational documents.

Further information relating to local arrangements can be accessed through individual Academic Colleges and Professional Services (University support/administrative services).

Our staff can download policies and related documents over on our Staff Intranet pages.

If you're not a member of staff but need access to a document, please get in touch with our Sustainability team.

ISO 14001:2015 ClauseProcedure TitleMore information
5.0 Leadership

5.1 Leadership & EMS Scope

5.1.1 EMS Scope Summary

5.2 Environmental Policy

5.3 Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities 

University staff can access documents on the staff intranet

6.0 Planning

6.1.2 Environmental Aspects

6.1.3 Compliance Obligations

6.2.1 Environmental Objectives

University staff can access documents on the staff intranet

7.0 Support

7.2 & 7.3 Internal & External Communication

7.5 Documented Information

7.6 Sustainability Privacy Notice

University staff can access documents on the staff intranet


8.0 Operations

8.1 Operational Planning & Control

8.1.1 Furniture & Equipment Reuse

8.1.3 OPC Spill Response

8.1.4 New Skip & Skip Exchange

8.1.5 Chemical Waste Store Management

8.1.6 Emissions to Air

8.1.7 OPC Japanese Knotweed

8.1.8 Energy & Water Management

8.1.9 Waste Management - Operational

8.1.10 Needs & Expectations from Contractors

8.1.11 Waste Wednesday

8.1.12 OPC Vehicle Washing

8.1.13 Waste Management Plan

8.2 Emergency Preparedness & Response

University staff can access documents on the staff intranet

Sustainability Privacy Notice

OPC Spill Response


Needs and Expectations from Contractors


9.0 Performance Evaluation

9.1 Monitoring & Measurement

9.2 Evaluation of Compliance

9.3 Internal Audit

9.4 Management Review

University staff can access documents on the staff intranet

10 Improvements 10.1 Non-conformity & Corrective Actions University staff can access documents on the 
staff intranet