Student Induction

Student inductions are run every year at the start of the term and are part of our Academic Colleges' induction plans.

The following are components of all of our staff and student inductions:

  • Sustainability policy
  • Environmental management system targets for energy, carbon, waste & water
  • Role and responsibilities of staff and students as part of EMS
  • Sustainability engagement opportunities for staff through the SWell engagement programme
  • Sustainability engagement opportunities for students i.e. Sustainability award, SWell student engagement, Botanical Garden Volunteering, Conservation Volunteering & Brighter Futures Funding.


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Download the ‌ Student Induction Powerpoint Presentation

Sustainability Award

The Sustainability Award recognises a student’s individual contribution to sustainable development and the environment both on and off campus. The Sustainability Award helps to develop the specific knowledge, skills and values that will be required in the green and low carbon jobs sector – one of the most rapidly growing career paths in the UK and locally.

To gain this award students take part in a wide range of voluntary activities and events that will also increase their transferable skills and give them experience of working as part of a team.  The activities are across three themed areas:

  • Employability 
  • Engagement 
  • Sustainability - Informal Curricula.  

The scheme is open to any student, and participation in activities will be recorded and verified by Sustainability Team. Some of the green volunteering activities led by Discovery and the Students Union can also be counted towards the Sustainability Award. The award can be gained over any length of time before graduation, and, once completed, will be formally recognised alongside the degree qualification. In order to sign up to the award click here, or for more information, please contact

Employability Skills

Greener Economy - Employability Skills

Improve your employability skills. Check out our volunteering opportunities via the Sustainability Events Page