Fresh, healthy and Sustainable Food at Swansea University

At Swansea University, we strive to produce fresh, healthy and sustainable food that you can trust. Our Catering Services team use environmentally responsible, ethically sourced and local ingredients.

We integrate health, wellbeing and sustainability criteria into our catering, as outlined in our Sustainable Healthy Food Policy. You can read the policy to find out more about all of the food served by Catering Services at our outlets and during events or conferences.

Our Sustainable Healthy Food Policy and Sustainable Procurement Policy outline our requirements to include sustainability, health and wellbeing requirements in all aspects of our catering including tender specifications for food supplies. During the 2019 review of the Sustainable Food Policy, it was agreed that there were no amendments required and all stakeholders endorsed their continued commitment to the policy.

Keep reading to find out what we're doing to ensure we serve sustainable food on our campuses.