Welcome to Green Impact

Swansea University was the first university in Wales to adopt the Green Impact programme back in 2011. Since then the scheme has attracted 38 teams of staff and students from across the campus, all undertaking simple yet effective actions to ‘green’ their workplaces. 

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What is Green Impact about?

GI Team photo_second floor wastersGreen Impact is an environmental accreditation and awards scheme developed by the National Union of Students, bringing staff and students together in a bit of friendly competition to reduce the negative environmental impacts of their workplace, and to celebrate the positive ones.  The scheme is great for those people who want to make a difference but are not sure how, and also supports those who are already beavering away for environmental and wellbeing causes in their corners of the University.

Teams are supported as they work through an online workbook of criteria to help them make simple yet powerful changes in how staff and students behave with regards to energy use, waste and recycling, travel, biodiversity and wellbeing. Actions are then audited by trained student volunteers – who gain employability skills in the process – and teams are awarded with Bronze, Silver or Gold standards.  Awards are also given for innovative actions!

The Green Impact project cycle 2014/15

Please note that dates may still be subject to change.

Green Impact Project Cycle

Key facts 

  • Last Green Impact cycle 25 teams successfully completed their workbooks and achieved 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 15 Bronze and 2 Working Towards Bronze Awards.
  • In 2013/14 Green Impact actions saved the university potentially up to £20,000 and 85 tons of carbon. 
  • The Welsh Government has recommended Green Impact as an effective way to reduce energy and resource consumption at universities. 
  • 62 Higher Education Institutions in the UK currently participate in Green Impact and the number of participants are growing globally.  

What is Green Impact?

Why be involved?

  1. Proven method of greening universities and department through a simple framework
  2. The opportunity to save money and to win awards
  3. To gain recognition for the environmental actions the department is already taking
  4. Motivate staff and students in your department
  5. To be a part of efforts to improve the University's environmental and sustainability performance