I am an entrepreneur

When I was at school no-one really encouraged me to go to university but I am so glad I overcame my initial fear.

Swansea changed my outlook on life. Now I run two companies, sit on the boards of two others and have travelled the world, meeting royalty and a UK Prime Minister.

Studying Economics opened my mind to the infinite potential we all possess. Within months of starting university I had set up my first business promoting music events with my best friend.

I have fond memories of DJ-ing on campus and during my second and third years I played at festivals and club nights across the UK. But my real dream was to use music and make a living doing something positive for the community.

Finding the right friends from all over the world, along with the can-do attitude at Swansea, truly inspired me. I am dyslexic, but was only diagnosed while at university. Swansea gave me the confidence, skills and environment to achieve my dreams no matter what.

Today my companies, and my charitable foundation, have one thing in common – they give people the confidence to improve their lives, just like I did.

I have won several business awards, been an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and met Richard Branson, but I haven’t achieved everything I want – not by a long way. I have a hundred more dreams I want to work on before I am done.

I knew when I first surfed on Gower I would find it hard to leave. Now I am a director of a surf school for disabled people. Great waves, great people and the beauty of Gower – Swansea University has it all.”