Graduating July 2021

There is a big focus in schools about studying STEM subjects and particularly in encouraging women to choose STEM subjects at University. However, I feel that more can be done to encourage women to study subjects such as Economics. The subject itself is so interesting and looks at the way the world functions. It can also lead to a variety of jobs in government, in finance or in large organisations, where you can play your part in shaping policies and shaping big business decisions.


Emma sitting outside of the School of Management building

I’ve joined the School of Management’s mentoring scheme and it’s been the best decision I’ve made. My mentor is an Information Manager at Tata Steel and is fantastic at giving me career advice. Experiencing work at such a big, global company has helped me realise how everyone’s role within an organisation is important in ensuring the successful running of a business.

I’ve had such a positive experience at the University. I am proud to study Economics and can’t wait to see where the degree will take me.