I am a discoverer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity for what lies beyond – whether it’s the world we live in or the human mind. And thanks to Swansea, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue both passions at once.

Studying a subject as diverse as psychology suits my personality perfectly – I relish the range of challenges it brings. And as someone who wants to get involved with everything, I really appreciate how much Swansea offers its students. When others were picking what they wanted to pursue, the University gave me the opportunity of a lifetime that helped me recognise my one true passion – mental health psychology.

Of all the great opportunities presented to me, one stood out the most – a five-week mental health placement in Sri Lanka. The idea of going so far away for so long was pretty daunting. But I knew straight away that I had to go for it. And as it turned out, five weeks wasn’t long enough – I can’t wait to go back to that amazing country!

While we were there, we worked throughout the week and travelled at the weekends – a familiar routine I quickly got used to. But the trip itself was anything but ordinary. From volunteering in mental health hospitals to teaching in primary schools, temples and orphanages – this was truly an adventure like no other. Just two weeks into the placement, I was even running projects myself.

I always make the most out of everything the university has to offer. And not just when I get the chance to work abroad! As well as volunteering twice a week with the University’s student volunteering service, Discovery, I’ve become the social secretary for the kickboxing society. I’m also training for my Basic First Aid certificate with St John Ambulance. But no matter how hectic my schedule gets, I’ll always make time to try new things. I even decided to take up bouldering recently!

My twin sister is also studying Psychology at Swansea, which is great because we always get to bounce different ideas and theories off each other. We’re both on the kickboxing team too, and although we’re highly competitive, I couldn’t ask for a better sparring partner!”