Adviser to Labour's Energy and Climate Change Minister

I’ve worked for two Labour Secretaries of State, focusing on energy and climate change and I currently advise Labour’s Energy and Climate Change Minister. My role entails a lot of discussion around our climate and energy policies, trying to shape the debate on key sustainability issues and giving indications to stakeholders about our thinking. I also had the absolute privilege to work on the Labour Manifesto, writing the original drafts of the climate change chapter, which was a real privilege.


Bryn standing on a bridge in London in front of the London Eye

The degree I received from Swansea got me through the door to these roles, but it’s the love of the subject that I got from Swansea that actually landed me the job in the interview. Gaining a genuine interest in the subject is one of the things that makes Swansea so amazing, many of the lecturers were fantastic and make you fall in love with the subject. So much so, that when you go for interview the passion of the subject really comes across and makes it easier to land any job.