I am a champion

Now more than ever, in the face of crippling demands and severe budget cuts, the medical profession needs doctors with fighting spirit.

Ones who will fight for their patients, and for a system that’s supported us for decades. This is the type of doctor Swansea University is turning me into.

It might be tough, but pursuing medicine is infinitely rewarding. Every patient you treat has their own unique story. And as their doctor, you have the privilege of guiding them through whatever unchartered territory they’re in.

To me, making such a positive impact on people during the most vulnerable moments of their lives is the greatest honour there is.

Of course, the training is intensive. And I’m so grateful to the tutors at Swansea University for recognising this, and encouraging me to de-stress before I burn out. That’s where my other love comes in – boxing. Though it’s not a sport the medical profession completely approves of, I’ve found it to be a great way to blow off steam.

Ever since I was an undergraduate, I’ve been in love with boxing. I even became a coach in my second year, and I’m passionate about taking it further, both during and after my training. The sport is also very much a part of the Welsh Varsity, and being able to compete at such a high level is a real thrill.

I don’t believe boxing is something that should be discouraged – I say there’s a real need to have medics involved in the sport, so we can make sure it’s being practised safely.

I couldn’t have found such a strong work-life balance if it weren’t for my tutors’ encouragement. And I truly believe my passion for boxing helps me achieve this balance, and will help me be the best doctor, and person, I can be.”