I received my PhD from the University of Lyon (France). My research is focused in the areas of game theory with some applications in contest theory. Recently, I have worked on the connections between quantum mechanics and the epistemic foundation of classical game theory.


  1. Pelosse, Y. The Intrinsic Quantum Nature of Nash Equilibrium Mixtures Journal of Philosophical Logic
  2. Pelosse, Y. Dynamic Difference-Form Contests Journal of Public Economic Theory 16 3 401 426


  • MN-1516 Methodology in Economics

    The module outlines the principal aspects of modern economic methodology, its relationship to other approaches within science, and provides coverage (inter alia) of the nature and purpose of economic models, and of the distinctions to be drawn between theoretical, empirical and experimental work. The module provides students with the opportunity to develop a key communication skill, namely presenting to an audience using appropriate software.

  • MN-2056 Maths and Statistics 2

    This module extends first year modules on maths and finance for economics students.