Dr Joy Jia
Lecturer in Finance
Accounting & Finance
Telephone: (01792) 602112
Room: Office 219 - 219
Second Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Joy holds MSc. Management (Finance) (distinction) from Swansea University, UK and Phd. Management from University of Bath. Prior to coming to the UK, Dr. Jia worked for underwriting departments of the Tai Ping insurance company based in Shanghai. Dr Jia has been publishing her work in leading academic finance journal.
Her research mainly concerns the fields of financial economics and empirical finance. Current topics of interest include: interface between risk management and strategic finance; application of asset pricing and accounting based valuation models in emerging markets.


  1. Jiang, W., Adams, M., Jia-Upreti, J., Jia, J. Does managerial entrenchment motivate the insurance decision? International Review of Financial Analysis 24 117 128
  2. Adams, M., Andersson, L., Jia, J., Lindmark, M. Mutuality as a control for information asymmetry: A historical analysis of the claims experience of mutual and stock fire insurance companies in Sweden, 1889 to 1939 Business History 53 7 1074 1091
  3. Jia, J., Adams, M., Buckle, M., Buckle, M. The strategic use of corporate insurance in China European Journal of Finance 17 8 675 694
  4. Jia, J., Adams, M., Buckle, M., Buckle, M. Insurance and ownership structure in India’s corporate sector Asia Pacific Journal of Management 29 1 129 149


  • MN-3004 Investment Banking

    The module is designed to develop an awareness of how investment banking operates.

  • MN-3005 Financial Services

    This course is designed to introduce students to the role and structure of a financial system. Most of the issues discussed (eg. financial intermediation, securitisation, regulation, uses of derivative contracts) are general to all financial systems. The impact of the financial crisis of 2007/8 on the financial services industry is covered extensively in the first semester. This module provides an overview to many specific topics covered by bespoke modules in finance and serves as a general purpose overview of higher level financial services and markets.

  • MN-3503 Financial Innovation and Risk Management

    This module embraces the conceptual, technical and computational elements of innovative financial and risk management techniques. For example, the course will examine the theoretical basis for risk management and the type of techniques (e.g. insurance, derivatives) that can be employed by companies. Additionally, the course will focus on the role of risk management in strategic planning.

  • MN-3508 Contemporary Issues in Finance

    The focus will be on researching important but unresolved issues/puzzles in finance and financial management. The course will help to identify and explain how such financial phenomena exist and persist in financial markets and organisations. The students are trained with knowledge and understanding on contemporary issues in finance as well as key research and presentation skills. Both academic and institutional knowledge at theory and empirical levels will be enhanced through this module.


  • Peer-to-Peer Online Lending (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Yuzhi Cai
  • Twitter and Price Setting Behaviour in Online Betting Market (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Sasha Talavera