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Yousra has completed her PhD in Marketing at Brunel University, Greater London. Prior to that, she completed an MSc in Marketing in Oxford Brookes University. After completing her PhD, Yousra joined Swansea University as a lecturer in Marketing.

Yousra’s teaching interests are in the marketing field e.g. global strategic marketing, services marketing. Her current research interests are in the areas of higher education marketing and fashion marketing with a particular focus on consumers’ emotions vis-à-vis high-end fashion products. She works closely with other peers and colleagues with similar disciplinary background and interest.

In addition, her knowledge is built in the higher education industry with a focus on universities’ export marketing strategies in the context of international students’ recruitment. Although this is a strategically important for British and a number of other international universities, it lacks a systematic and rigorous research. It is believed that her research and expertise of the HE industry would add unique contribution to the literature.

Yousra regards herself as an active researcher, committed to rigorous marketing research both qualitative and quantitative. She is also keen on producing high quality research papers and attending national/international conferences. Some of her recent outputs are to be published in Marketing Intelligence and Planning. Finally, she is currently supervising a doctoral project along with colleagues and also interested in supervising other doctoral projects that are close to her expertise and research interests. 


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