Miss Victoria Seller
Research Officer
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Room: Academic Shared Office 8 - 354
Third Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus


  • MN-1017 Essential Analytic Skills for Business

    The module will provide an overview of the mathematical and statistical methods necessary for management/finance/economics analysis, focusing specifically on the use of computer packages (primarily SPSS) to conduct statistical analysis.

  • MN-2549 Decision Analysis

    The purpose of this module is to provide an awareness and understanding of systematic and other methods available to assist decision makers in making decisions in complex situations, often under uncertainty, together with an awareness of the difficulties and issues arising with such situations and processes.

  • MN-3522 Environmental Management for Business

    Green issues are becoming increasingly important for business. The course aims to study the drivers and opportunities for businesses to improve their environmental performance. A broad range of environmental management issues are examined, both from the viewpoint of the current status and future development, and these are illustrated using appropriate case histories.