Sam completed her Business Growth PhD in 2014 while working full time at an SME and completed her BSc in Psychology in 2008. During her PhD, Sam was employed as a Business Development Manager at a high technology SME where she undertook a multitude of tasks including project management, grant organisation, operations management and marketing. Prior to this, Sam worked in various NHS settings and in a large not-for-profit organisation. 
Sqam’s research interests centre around encouraging and enabling small firms to achieve high growth and this is something that she feels passionately about, having worked in a small firm for many years being actively involved in its pursuit of growth. During this time, Sam interacted with many government departments and support policies which led to her keen interest in this area. However her research interests are holistic covering: SMEs, knowledge based firms, SME growth and support policy, innovation, high growth, entrepreneurship and occupational psychology. Sam considers her research to be holistic and multi-disciplinary and she is committed to high level research using both quantitative and qualitative methods. 
Sam currently teaches modules relating to strategy, change management and marketing and is interested in supervising topics relating to SME growth, entrepreneurship and innovation. Sam’s conference papers have been published in Research in Entrepreneurship (RENT) and the British Academy of Management (BAM).


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  • MN-1007 Marketing and Strategy

    This module provides an introduction to the concept and practice of marketing and strategy.

  • MN-2009 Change Management

    The module outlines the difficult process of implementing and leading change in organisations.

  • MN-2018 Marketing and Strategy

    This module provides an introduction to the concept and practice of marketing and strategy. This module gains access to further modules in marketing for students who did not take the subject in their first year of study.

  • MN-2055 Critical Thinking in Entrepreneurship

    It is intended the module will provide students with an understanding of all the issues encountered by entrepreneurs in practice while framing these issues theoretically.

  • MN-M522 Strategy

    This module provides an introduction to the basic frameworks and concepts used in modern business.