Dr. Simon Brooks is Associate Professor at the Morgan Academy. Simon’s work takes an interdisciplinary approach and works within both a Welsh and comparative international context. An expert in the history of ideas in Wales, Simon has also written widely about political theory, cultural history, language and public policy.

A prolific author, his latest book, Why Wales Never Was (2017), debates the interface between liberalism and nationalism in nineteenth century and contemporary Europe and Wales. Previous titles have discussed the influence of Enlightenment thought on twentieth century Wales, and the future of Welsh as a community language. His next volume, to be published in 2018, is a study of ethnic minorities within minority language cultures and asks what might be different about multiculturalism in sub-state nations and regions. Simon is also General Editor of the University of Wales Press series of intellectual biographies, Dawn Dweud.

Simon has considerable knowledge of public affairs in Wales. Before turning to academia, he was Editor of the Welsh-language current affairs magazine, Barn. An experienced media commentator, Simon also has experience of community regeneration, and is Chair of Porthmadog Town Council.

Areas of Expertise

  • history of ideas
  • cultural history
  • political theory
  • language planning
  • Welsh literature


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