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Areas of Expertise

  • Journal articles


  1. & Wage differential between caste groups: Are younger and older cohorts different?. Economic Modelling 74, 10-23.
  2. & Does social identity matter in individual alienation? Household-level evidence in post-reform India. World Development 104, 154-172.
  3. & The distributional effects of adaption and anticipation to ill health on subjective wellbeing.
  4. & Convergence dynamics of output: Do stochastic shocks and social polarization matter?.
  5. & (2015). Environmental Kuznets Curve and Economic Growth: The Role of Institutional Quality and Distributional Heterogeneity Revisited .


  • MN-M037 Research Methods

    This module begins with a review of key mathematical and statistical/econometric techniques before progressing onto more practical applications via the use of statistical/econometric and mathematical software. It also contains sessions on bibliographic database searching and sources of data, which will be beneficial for dissertations.