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Oleksandr  (Sasha) Talavera is a Professor of Finance at the School of Management, Swansea University. He received his B.A. at Ostroh Academy (Ukraine), M.A. at EERC (Ukraine), M.A. at Boston College, and his Ph.D. at the European University Viadrina (Germany). Prior to joining the faculty at Swansea University, Sasha worked for University of Sheffield, Durham University, University of East Anglia, the Robert Gordon University, and DIW-Berlin. He is broadly interested in empirical corporate finance, online-prices, big data analytics, banking, international finance, and emerging market economies.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Online markets
  • Emerging Market Economies
  • Banking
  • Corporate finance


  1. Muravyev, A., Talavera, S. Unsafe Sex in the City: Risk Pricing in the London Area Scottish Journal of Political Economy 65 5 528 549
  2. Pham, T., Talavera, S., Zhang, M. Self-employment, financial development, and well-being: Evidence from China, Russia, and Ukraine Journal of Comparative Economics
  3. Kuzman, T., Talavera, S., Bellos, S. Politically induced board turnover, ownership arrangements, and performance of SOEs Corporate Governance: An International Review 26 3 160 179
  4. Gorodnichenko, Y., Sheremirov, V., Talavera, S. The responses of internet retail prices to aggregate shocks: A high-frequency approach Economics Letters 164 124 127
  5. Pham, T., Talavera, S. Discrimination, Social Capital, and Financial Constraints: The Case of Viet Nam World Development 102 228 242

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  • Corporate governance in banking industry (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Wei Song
    Other supervisor: Prof Sasha Talavera
  • Price Setting in Online Betting Markets: Evidence from the Eurovision Betting (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Joy Jia
    Other supervisor: Prof Sasha Talavera
  • Essays on Corporate governance (awarded 2020)

    Other supervisor: Dr Cigdem Gedikli
    Other supervisor: Prof Sasha Talavera
  • 'Essays on Banking in Emerging Markets' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Giovanni Tabacco
    Other supervisor: Prof Sasha Talavera