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Areas of Expertise

  • postcolonial theory
  • psychoanalytic theory
  • postcolonial pedagogy
  • postcolonial organisation studies


  • MN-3512 Business Ethics

    This module is concerned with the moral issues associated with business, managerial practices and policy. This module examines the ethics of business from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Typical questions dealt with in the modules are: Who are the stakeholders in an organisation and how far does corporate responsibility extend to them? Can corporations be considered ┬┐artificial humans┬┐? What strategies and policies are most effective in order to strengthen the ethical stance of the company: compliance and control versus responsibility and self-regulation? To what extent are corporate values applicable in different cultural circumstances? How would I deal with potential conflict between ethical standards and a corporate requirement to cut cost? This module is concerned with the morality of business and managerial practices and policies and the general area of moral issues in business. It examines this from both a theoretical and practical perspective.┬┐