James is a lecturer within the People and Organisation subject group at the School of Management, Swansea University.

James is in the final stages of his PhD at Cardiff University. His thesis looks at workplace wellbeing programmes in terms of the power relations between employer and employee, considering what it means to be sick or healthy within the workplace. His research interests include critical management and organisation studies, particularly regarding issues such as power an identity in the workplace.

James currently teaches modules on Managing People, Human Resource Management, and Organisational Behaviour. He is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organisation Studies
  • Critical Management Studies
  • Power
  • Subjectivity
  • Foucault
  • Workplace Wellbeing


  • MN-1006 Managing People

    This level 1 module provides students with an introduction to the study of the organisation and management of people. It considers the historical development of people management and critically evaluates principal theoretical approaches to the management of people in organisations. A consideration of the importance of the organisational context is given. The module also discusses key concepts, theories and research related to organising and leading people in organisations and their implications for management practice. In doing so, this module provides the foundations of the study of organisational behaviour and human resource management at level 2.

  • MN-1508 Managing People and Operations

    This module is designed to introduce students to contemporary issues encountered by human resource and operations managers.

  • MN-2013 Organisational Behaviour

    This module focuses on the organisational contexts from which behaviour emerges, the impact of internal and external forces on behaviour, and analyses the behavioural effects of management practices. Its aim is to develop a critical understanding of the activities and interactions of people within organizations and the difference between management rhetoric and organisational reality. To achieve this aim, the module critically evaluates key concepts, theories, and research related to understanding the individual within organisations. In doing so, this module considers the relevance of theory and research for management practice through close readings of how people behave within organisational contexts.

  • MN-2508 Human Resource Management

    The course examines the management of human resources in organizations. In-depth analysis is conducted of the managerial role of human resource management (HRM) in all types of organizations. It delves into the functional areas of HRM and their integration into corporate strategy. In this regard, it focuses on how to acquire, develop, maintain and utilize human resources to enhance corporate effectiveness and to achieve competitive advantage. An integrated case oriented approach is used to study the formulation and implementation of human resources policies in organizations to achieve organizational goals and to satisfy employee needs.