Areas of Expertise

  • Dr Jenny Cave is Associate Professor for Community Engagement and Enterprise in the School of Management
  • Swansea University in Wales. She has a long-standing interest in sustainable tourism livelihoods and cultural enterprise
  • born of a prior career in Canadian and New Zealand cultural industries
  • consultancies and long-term research partnerships with Pacific Island communities. She is herself a weaver
  • with an enduring love of the arts. Her current research focuses on precarity
  • alternative economies in tourism and the power politics of community-academy partnerships
  • family care cycles and transnational wellbeing.


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  • MN-3000 Final Year Project

    This module serves as the capstone course for the BSc Business Management programme. The module allows students to undertake in-depth and applied research on an academic or practical topic of their choosing.

  • MN-3012 Marketing Research

    The Marketing Research course examines both the theoretical and practical sides of the marketing research process. Overall, the module is designed to equip participants with the knowledge to be able to design and implement theoretically sound marketing research projects in a commercial environment.