Dr Tegwen Malik
Telephone: (01792) 513276
Room: Office 322 - 322
Third Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Tegwen is a lecturer in the School of Management with a focus on International Standards and Operations Management.

She has a particular interest in innovation and research, especially when informed by nature hence her enthusiasm for the field of biomimetics. She has been involved in an eclectic range of prototype development, typically deriving from a translation of nature’s millions of years of evolutionary test lab results (including in the life science sector). This work has been very much multifaceted in areas such as transparent armour and water harvesting having stemmed from R&D (encompassing discovery, evaluation and assessment of ideas into product innovation and design) at the early stages right through to company commercialisation. She has been involved in formulating, mapping out and costing the design of processes required when taking products to market, in particular game-changing solutions.

Tegwen has successfully combined academic interests in both the sciences and management disciplines. For instance, she has carried out research in the field of oncology along with having many years’ experience of applied project management.


  • MN-1017 Essential Analytic Skills for Business

    The module will provide an overview of the mathematical and statistical methods necessary for management/finance/economics analysis, focusing specifically on the use of computer packages (primarily SPSS) to conduct statistical analysis.

  • MN-3521 International Standards

    This module provides an overview to the background, development and rationale for international (quality) standards systems. In addition to the lecture course, students will undertake a range of case study exercises and practical implementation workshops.

  • MN-M549 Research Methods

    This module will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of research methods and methodologies to better prepare students on how to conduct a dissertation. The lectures and seminars will be split to cover both the theoretical and practical nature associated with research. They will cover all aspects of research methods: from what is research, the ethics associated with conducting research, the literature review, methodology and what types of research exist such as quantitative and qualitative. This module will highlight the links that exist between each stage of the research development process.