Dr Ilias Asproudis
Telephone: (01792) 606823
Room: Office 204 - 204
Second Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Dr. Elias (Ilias) Asproudis joined the School of Management, Swansea University in March 2016 as a Lecturer in Economics.

He holds a PhD in Economics from School of Business and Economics, University of Loughborough, UK. He has an MSc/MBA in Organisation and Administration of Industrial Systems with specialization in Energy Management and Environmental Protection from University of Piraeus and from National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Also, he holds a BSc in Economics from University of Crete, Greece.

He has teaching experience from Northampton University, Nottingham Trent University and University of Loughborough.

Part of his research has been presented at international conferences like the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics, Royal Economic Society and European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. He has published his work in international academic journals.


Areas of interest

Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy,

Industrial Organisation and Technological Choice,


Trade Unions and Bargaining

Environmental Non-Governmental Organisations. 


  1. Asproudis, E., Khan, N., Korac-Kakabadse, N., Asproudis, I. Game of Regional Environmental Policy: Europe and US Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade
  2. Asproudis, E., Asproudis, I. Revisiting environmental groups and members’ behavior: Budget, size and (im)pure altruism Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 13 2 139 156
  3. Khan, N., Asproudis, E., Kakabadse, N., Asproudis, I. Transatlantic Regulatory Timing of Policy Innovations: The Case of Renewable Energy (Ed.), Rethinking the future of Europe: A challenge of Governance 118 138
  4. Asproudis, E., Gil-Molto, M., Asproudis, I. Pollution and environmentalists’ participation in Emissions Trading Systems Strategic Behavior and the Environment 4 1 59 87
  5. Asproudis, E., Gil-Molto, M., Asproudis, I. Green trade unions: Structure, wages and environmental technology Environmental and Resource Economics 60 2 165 189


  • MN-2029 Environmental and Resource Economics

    The module is designed to encourage awareness in the importance of the environment, both as an economic resource and a waste sink. The module will cover such issues as resource depletion and optimal exploitation as well as considering the nature of pollution. Students will be encouraged to develop an understanding to the economic causes of global warming and the latest suggestions on mitigation.

  • MN-3031 Labour Economics

    This module provides students with an understanding of the operation of labour markets from both a theoretical and an institutional perspective. The module acquaints students with the results of empirical research on labour market issues and how these results are interpreted within a theoretical framework that emphasises informed worker and employer choice. Labour market economics is presented as a subject with ongoing theoretical and empirical developments that inform personal, business and public-policy decisions.

  • MN-M037 Research Methods

    This module begins with a review of key mathematical and statistical/econometric techniques before progressing onto more practical applications via the use of statistical/econometric and mathematical software. It also contains sessions on bibliographic database searching and sources of data, which will be beneficial for dissertations.



    Other supervisor: Dr Katerina Tsakou
  • The environmental impacts of economic growth and environmental policies in Saudi Arabia (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Dimitrios Vougas
    Other supervisor: Prof David Blackaby