Ms Debbie Ball
Academic Staff
The College, Swansea University
Telephone: (01792) 513276

Mrs Debbie Ball is a lecturer in Marketing at the School of Management


  • BUS103 Economics

    This module provides students with an understanding of the fundamental theories and concepts of micro and macro-economics by combining theory with application to real world examples, events and situations in areas such as market competition, price determination, business costs and decision making, how the economy works and the effects of government policies on the economy; providing students with a sound basis and contextual background to their ongoing studies in economics, business and finance at Level 1.

  • IC-1003 Accounting for Business and Economics

    To introduce students to the fundamentals of financial and management accounting. Accounting is of critical importance when supporting all business activities and this module has been designed to introduce the basic concepts on which accounting is based. Thus, providing students with a basic toolkit for understanding the financial side of business performance and financial decision-making problems that a business may face.

  • IC-1004 Foundations of Accounting

    This module aims to provide an insight to the basic principles and mechanics behind the preparation of financial statements and to provide an understanding of the: principles, mechanics and subjective issues involved in the preparation of external financial statements. Thus, it introduces students to the fundamentals of financial accounting providing them with a basic toolkit for communicating financial performance to stakeholders and evaluating the business performance by using the information generated by the accounting system.

  • IC-1013 Finance for Business and Economics

    Investment and finance are of crucial importance in the support of all business activities so this course is designed to introduce the basic concepts on which investment and finance are based, providing students with a toolkit that enables a better understanding of the performance of businesses and the decisions and problems they face. Overall the module develops an understanding and knowledge of new investment appraisal, cost of capital, and the effect of capital structure on the value of a firm. The module will also consider issues regarding the optimal capital structure, dividend policy and financial distress.

  • IC-1502 Finance

    Finance is a very general term that describes business activities associated with registered companies and looks at banking, equity, debt, capital markets, money, and investments. Essentially, finance represents money management and the process of acquiring needed funds to meet its long-term objectives. Finance also involves the oversight, creation, and study of money, through banking, credit, investments, assets, and liabilities that make up the financial system.

  • MN-0002 Business

    This module provides students with knowledge of the fundamental aspects of business and business management. It offers extensive considerations in terms of business planning, product marketing, managing people and the legal side of business. This module also focuses on change management, essential in an age of continual technological advances.