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Cara Reed is a lecturer at the School of Management in Swansea University. She became a PR consultant before returning to academia to gain two Masters Degrees, followed by an ESRC funded PhD at Cardiff Business School. Her research interests broadly concern the critical analysis of organizations and in particular focus on topics such as professions, knowledge work, and identity construction and discourse.  Her research focuses on qualitative forms of analysis and in particular discourse analysis of interviews, participant observation and secondary data.  Her PhD research examined professionalization and professional identities in UK public relations, exploring the professional identities constructed by the professional association and frontline practitioners.

Current research projects include an international study with colleagues in Cardiff Business School, the University of Melbourne, and Sydney University, exploring the construction of age in organizational contexts and an ESRC funded change agent project on public sector leaders. Particular areas of interest for doctoral supervision would be work on: identities and discourse, professionalization and knowledge work, professional identities, or age and organizations.

Areas of Expertise

  • identities
  • professions and professionalization
  • knowledge work
  • public relations


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  3. & (2017). Embracing indeterminacy: On being a liminal professional. Copenhagen: EGOS.
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  • MN-2013 Organisational Behaviour

    This module focuses on the organisational contexts from which behaviour emerges, the impact of internal and external forces on behaviour, and analyses the behavioural effects of management practices. Its aim is to develop a critical understanding of the activities and interactions of people within organizations and the difference between management rhetoric and organisational reality. To achieve this aim, the module critically evaluates key concepts, theories, and research related to understanding the individual within organisations. In doing so, this module considers the relevance of theory and research for management practice through close readings of how people behave within organisational contexts.