Journal Articles

  1. Bouzanis, C., Kemp, S. The two stories of the habitus/structure relation and the riddle of reflexivity: A meta‚Äźtheoretical reappraisal Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 50 1 64 83
  2. Bouzanis, C., Kemp, S. Residuality and inconsistency in the interpretation of socio-theoretical systems Sociological Theory 37 3 282 292
  3. Bouzanis, C. For reflexivity as an epistemic criterion of ontological coherence and virtuous social theorizing History of the Human Sciences 30 5 125 146
  4. Bouzanis, C. Ontogenesis versus Morphogenesis towards an Anti-realist Model of the Constitution of Society Human Studies 39 4 569 599

Book Chapters

  1. Panos, G., Gkrimmotsis, K., Bouzanis, C., Katmada, A., Satsiou, A., Gasparini, G., Prospero, A., Praggidis, I., Karapistoli, E. What Do People Expect from a Financial Awareness Platform? Insights from an Online Survey (Ed.), Collective Online Platforms for Financial and Environmental Awareness 9 56 Cham Springer International Publishing

Other Research Outputs

  1. Bouzanis, C., Panos, G. Book review: Greece, Financialization and the EU: The Political Economy of Debt and Destruction Journal of General Management 42 4 SAGE Publications