Brian Varian is a Lecturer in Economics at Swansea University. In 2017, he received a PhD in Economic History from the London School of Economics for a dissertation that examined British exports in the late nineteenth century. He earned his MSc from the London School of Economics and BS from Boston College in the United States.

Brian's interests are in economic history and international trade. His research has been published in various journals, including the Economic History Review. He is a trustee of the Economic History Society. He has received grants from the Royal Economic Society and Pasold Research Fund.

More details of Brian's research can be found on his website:

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic history
  • International trade


  1. Varian, B. The manufacturing comparative advantages of late-Victorian Britain Cliometrica
  2. Varian, B. The growth of manufacturing protection in 1920s Britain Scottish Journal of Political Economy 66 5 703 711
  3. Varian, B. Book review of Daniel Peart, Lobbyists and the Making of US Tariff Policy, 1816-1861 (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018. pp. viii+326. 46 tabs. ISBN Hbk. 9781421426112 Hbk. $69.95) Economic History Review 72 3
  4. Varian, B. Anglo-American trade costs during the first era of globalization: the contribution of a bilateral tariff series† The Economic History Review 71 1 190 212
  5. Varian, B. British Capital and Merchandise Exports, 1870-1913: The Bilateral Case of New Zealand Australian Economic History Review 57 2 239 262


  • MN-2023 Economic History and Industrial Development

    This module provides an overview of the history of global economic development since the mid-18th century.

  • MN-2530 Economic Policy

    The module is designed to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of economic principles to the formulation and critique of important areas of economic policy. As part of this aim, it is designed to encompass microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis of both the historical and contemporary economy.


  • Essays in International Trade (current)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Dario Debowicz
    Other supervisor: Prof Nigel O'Leary