Mr Alan Price
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Room: Academic Shared Office 8 - 354
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School of Management
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  • MN-2009 Change Management

    The module outlines the difficult process of implementing and leading change in organisations.

  • MN-2509 Management Consulting 1

    The module is designed to develop an awareness and a detailed understanding of approaches to tactical and strategic management consulting including large scale transformation of business processes.

  • MN-2513 Supply Chain Management

    This module extends the internal focus of operations management to look at entire supply chains of linked organisations working together.

  • MN-3023 Lean Operations

    This module provides a practically focused course on lean (Japanese) approaches to operations management.

  • MN-M043 Operations Management (Engineering Leadership and Management)

    For an organisation to produce and deliver goods and / or services, efficient management of resources is a key aspect. Operations management is paramount to equip management with the techniques necessary to manage resources, for an effective functioning of manufacturing, technology production and services delivery organisations, particularly within high tech organisations. This module introduces key principles, conceptual tools and qualitative as well as quantitative techniques that can be applied to a variety of organisational contexts.


  • Data Driven Pre-Sales Effort for Quoting (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Roderick Thomas