Dr Anita Zhao
Associate Professor
Telephone: (01792) 295578
Room: Office 305 - 305
Third Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Anita has completed her PhD at the University of Gloucestershire Business School. Prior to her academic role, Anita gained extensive experience from the industry covering public and private sectors e.g. aviation, tourism and exporting in China.

Her current research interests are in consumer adoption behaviour and political marketing with a particular focus on young voters’ political engagement and sustainable consumption. One of her papers has been awarded the best paper ‘Political Marketing Track Prize’ sponsored by Wiley at the Academy of Marketing Conference 2013 (with Drs Dermody, Hanmer-Lloyd and Koenig-Lewis).

She is keen on collaborating with colleagues with similar interest/cross-disciplinary. One of her projects is granted by Swansea University (Bridging the Gap: Escalator, BTGE090, with Drs Koenig-Lewis, Xuan and Probert, £7,190.60) which focuses on identifying the role of consumer behaviour in (re)shaping future water utility business models under climate change impact. She has also successfully secured a grant awarded by Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT), Small Project Grants 2011 for “Using marketing simulations to enhance student engagement and experience” (with Dr Koenig-Lewis, £1,772.17).

Her expertise is known in the financial services industry. She has been involved in several projects which investigate the barriers to young consumers’ electronic/digital banking adoption in China. Whilst this is a strategically important market for international business, it is not yet well researched and there is a lack of a holistic understanding. It is believed that her research and expertise of the market will add a unique contribution to the literature. Anita is interested in supervising doctoral projects that are close to her expertise and research interest.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sustainable consumption behaviours
  • Pro-environmental self-identity, Materialism
  • Financial services adoption
  • Perceived risk
  • trust
  • perceived justice
  • complaint behaviour
  • Political marketing
  • Young people


  1. Dermody, J., Koenig-Lewis, N., Zhao, A., Hanmer-Lloyd, S. Appraising the influence of pro-environmental self-identity on sustainable consumption buying and curtailment in emerging markets: Evidence from China and Poland Journal of Business Research 86 333 343
  2. Dermody, J., Hanmer-Lloyd, S., Koenig-Lewis, N., Zhao, A. Advancing sustainable consumption in the UK and China: The mediating effect of pro-environmental self-identity Journal of Marketing Management 31 13-14 1472 1502
  3. Koenig-Lewis, N., Marquet, M., Palmer, A., Zhao, A. Enjoyment and social influence: predicting mobile payment adoption The Service Industries Journal 35 10 537 554
  4. Dermody, J., Hanmer-Lloyd, S., Koenig-Lewis, N., Zhao, A. Young British Partisan Attitudes to Negative Election Campaign Advertising: A Tri-Party Perspective Journal of Political Marketing 15 4 333 361
  5. Zhao, A., Koenig-Lewis, N., Hanmer-Lloyd, S., Ward, P. Adoption of Internet banking services in China: is it all about trust International Journal of Bank Marketing 28 1 7 26

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  • MN-3014 Marketing Communications

    Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is becoming pervasive both in the marketing discipline and in marketing activities. IMC aims to establish, deliver and maintain consistent and effective communications with stakeholders. However, as the module will discuss in detail, this is challenging and not easy to achieve. Therefore, a good understanding of IMC is critical to business success. This module enables students to study essential concepts within the IMC subject area; to build coherent and consistent brand messages; and, to apply theoretical knowledge into practical skills. These will be achieved through a mixed approach of assessment methods.

  • MN-D008 Dissertation - MSc Marketing

    The report documents the result of an independently researched analysis of a marketing related topic or issue. It is intended to provide a degree of synthesis of the various course components. The student should be able to demonstrate he/she is able to apply knowledge and skills gained and that he/she has an understanding of the wider context of the programme of study undertaken.

  • MN-M531 Consumer Behaviour

    An understanding of international consumer behaviour in the fast-changing environment is critical to marketing management. The module is designed to examine key factors influencing consumer behaviour (e.g. the psychological core, culture and social issues, decision making processes, innovation). The module will explore different methods and/or approaches to understand consumers and discuss implications to marketing management.


  • See progress statement. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Anita Zhao
    Other supervisor: Prof Michael Williams
  • 'Exploring Factors Affecting Consumers Pro-Environmental Behaviour in Saudi Arabia' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Anita Zhao
    Other supervisor: Dr Emma Slade
    Other supervisor: Prof Yogesh Dwivedi