Areas of Expertise

  • Public administration
  • Public policy
  • Islam
  • The future in policy-making


  1. Carey, G., Nevile, A., Kay, A., Malbon, E. Managing staged policy implementation: Balancing short‐term needs and long‐term goals Social Policy & Administration
  2. Kay, A. Cutting the wait - at least for a while: The NHS's assault on waiting times (Ed.), Great Policy Successes Oxford Oxford University Press
  3. Nevile, A., Malbon, E., Kay, A., Carey, G. The implementation of complex social policy: Institutional layering and unintended consequences in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Australian Journal of Public Administration
  4. Kay, A. International Policy Coordination and its Impacts (Ed.), Public Policy in the 'Asian Century' Concepts, Cases and Futures 293 314 Palgrave Macmillan
  5. Kay, A., Baines, D. Evolutionary approaches to the concept of drift in policy studies Critical Policy Studies 1 16

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  • MN-M549 Research Methods

    This module will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of research methods and methodologies to better prepare students on how to conduct a dissertation. The lectures and seminars will be split to cover both the theoretical and practical nature associated with research. They will cover all aspects of research methods: from what is research, the ethics associated with conducting research, the literature review, methodology and what types of research exist such as quantitative and qualitative. This module will highlight the links that exist between each stage of the research development process.


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    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Frederic Boy
    Other supervisor: Dr Daniele Doneddu