• MN-M039 Strategic Business Leader Part 1

    1) Define governance and explain its function in the effective management and control of organisations and of the resources for which they are accountable 2) Evaluate the Professional Accountant¿s role in internal control, review and compliance 3) Explain the role of the accountant in identifying and assessing risk 4) Explain and evaluate the role of the accountant in controlling and mitigating risk 5) Demonstrate the application of professional values and judgement through an ethical framework that is in the best interests of society and the profession, in compliance with relevant professional codes, laws and regulations.

  • MN-N013 Quantitative Research Method

    This module firstly introduces the concept of academic research and research philosophy. The module aims to equip students with an understanding of statistical analysis in the context of accounting and finance research. this module is essential for students who are preparing to work in the accounting and finance industry, as well as those who might choose an accounting and finance research career.