Areas of Expertise

  • nanotechnology
  • sensors
  • nano materials
  • bio sensors


  1. Cobley, R., Teng, K., Brown, M., Wilks, S., Rees, P., Wilks, S., Teng, V., Brown, R., Cobley, R., Rees, P. Direct real-time observation of catastrophic optical degradation in operating semiconductor lasers using scanning tunneling microscopy Applied Physics Letters 91 8 081119
  2. Sobiesierski, A., Sandall, I., Smowton, P., Blood, P., Krysa, A., Brown, M., Teng, K., Wilks, S., Wilks, S., Teng, V., Brown, R. AlGaInP laser diodes incorporating a 3λ∕4 multiple quantum barrier Applied Physics Letters 86 2 021102
  3. Penny, M., Brown, M., Maffeïs, T., Rees, P., Wilks, S., Ferkel, H., Wilks, S., Brown, R., Rees, P. Charge storage in SnO[sub 2] nanoparticles: A method and mechanism for charge writing/erasing Applied Physics Letters 91 16 163108
  4. Maffeis, T., Penny, M., Garbutt, J., Wilks, S., Wilks, S., Maffeis, T. STM-STS investigation of vacuum annealed ZnO nanoribbons physica status solidi (a) 207 2 282 285
  5. Brown, M., Errington, R., Rees, P., Williams, P., Wilks, S., Wilks, S., Brown, R., Rees, P. A highly efficient algorithm for the generation of random fractal aggregates Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 239 12 1061 1066

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  • ''Nanotechnology Centre Success: The Development of a Practical Nanotechnology Centre Strategy Framework (awarded 2017)

    Other supervisor: Dr Christopher Wright