Areas of Expertise

  • nanotechnology
  • sensors
  • nano materials
  • bio sensors


  1. Cobley, R., Teng, K., Brown, M., Wilks, S., Rees, P., Wilks, S., Teng, V., Brown, R., Cobley, R., & Rees, P. Direct real-time observation of catastrophic optical degradation in operating semiconductor lasers using scanning tunneling microscopy. Applied Physics Letters, 91(8), 081119
  2. Sobiesierski, A., Sandall, I., Smowton, P., Blood, P., Krysa, A., Brown, M., Teng, K., Wilks, S., Wilks, S., Teng, V., & Brown, R. AlGaInP laser diodes incorporating a 3λ∕4 multiple quantum barrier. Applied Physics Letters, 86(2), 021102
  3. Penny, M., Brown, M., Maffeïs, T., Rees, P., Wilks, S., Ferkel, H., Wilks, S., Brown, R., & Rees, P. Charge storage in SnO[sub 2] nanoparticles: A method and mechanism for charge writing/erasing. Applied Physics Letters, 91(16), 163108
  4. Maffeis, T., Penny, M., Garbutt, J., Wilks, S., Wilks, S., & Maffeis, T. STM-STS investigation of vacuum annealed ZnO nanoribbons. physica status solidi (a), 207(2), 282-285.
  5. Brown, M., Errington, R., Rees, P., Williams, P., Wilks, S., Wilks, S., Brown, R., & Rees, P. A highly efficient algorithm for the generation of random fractal aggregates. Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 239(12), 1061-1066.

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  • ''Nanotechnology Centre Success: The Development of a Practical Nanotechnology Centre Strategy Framework (awarded 2017)

    Other supervisor: Dr Christopher Wright