Dr William Bryan
Associate Professor
Telephone: (01792) 295301
Room: Office - 602
Sixth Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Ultrafast vibrational wavepacket dynamics in gas-phase molecules
  • Femtosecond XUV-NIR and UV-NIR pump-probe spectroscopy
  • Strong-field few-cycle laser pulse generation and metrology
  • Ultrafast electron emission from nanoscale metal tips
  • Femtosecond electron diffraction and microscopy
  • Low-energy electron point-projection microscopy
  • Liquid and solid phase femtosecond electron diffraction and microscopy


  1. Barlow Myers, C., Pine, N., Bryan, W., Bryan, W. Femtosecond transmission electron microscopy for nanoscale photonics: a numerical study Nanoscale 10 44 20628 20639
  2. Bainbridge, A., Barlow Myers, C., Bryan, W., Bryan, W. Femtosecond few- to single-electron point-projection microscopy for nanoscale dynamic imaging Structural Dynamics 3 2 023612
  3. Bainbridge, A., Harrington, J., Kirrander, A., Cacho, C., Springate, E., Bryan, W., Minns, R., Bryan, W. VUV excitation of a vibrational wavepacket in D2 measured through strong-field dissociative ionization New Journal of Physics 17 10 103013
  4. Bainbridge, A., Bryan, W., Bryan, W. Velocity map imaging of femtosecond laser induced photoelectron emission from metal nanotips New Journal of Physics 16 10 103031
  5. Bryan, W., Calvert, C., King, R., Nemeth, G., Alexander, J., Greenwood, J., Froud, C., Turcu, I., Springate, E., Newell, W., Williams, I., Bryan, W. Redistribution of vibrational population in a molecular ion with nonresonant strong-field laser pulses Physical Review A 83 2 021406

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  • PH-021 Mechanics

    An introduction to forces, motion and Newton's Laws, without calculus.

  • PH-113 Essential Skills for Physicists

    This module facilitates the learning transition and adaptions required for study at University. Learning methodologies will be introduced and key aspects of developing an understanding of available resources for self-study will be presented. The module¿s approach is via student engagement in a series of intensive, staff-led activities giving them the skills required to be educated effectively in Physics at an undergraduate level.


  • Numerical study of the control of ultrafast electron pulses for nanoscale dynamic imaging (awarded 2020)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Kevin O'Keeffe
  • 'Spatial control of a laser using a defomable mirror and a genetic algorithm.' (awarded 2019)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Kevin O'Keeffe