Personal Professor
Telephone: (01792) 295013
Room: Office - 603
Sixth Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • particle physics theory
  • lattice QCD
  • simulation of systems with non-zero particle density
  • graphene


  1. Thomas, D., Borgo, R., Laramee, R., Hands, S. Joint Contour Net Analysis for Feature Detection in Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics Data Big Data Research 15 29 42
  2. Hands, S. Critical flavor number in the 2+1D Thirring model Physical Review D 99 3
  3. Bermudez, A., Tirrito, E., Rizzi, M., Lewenstein, M., Hands, S., Hands, S. Gross–Neveu–Wilson model and correlated symmetry-protected topological phases Annals of Physics 399 149 180
  4. Thomas, D., Borgo, R., Laramee, R., Hands, S., Laramee, B. QCDVis: a tool for the visualisation of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) data Computers & Graphics 67 115 126
  5. Hands, S. Towards critical physics in 2+1d with U(2N )-invariant fermions Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 11

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  • PH-311 Project

    Project carried out individually under the supervision of a member of staff on a suitable theoretical or experimental topic.

  • PH-318 Theoretical Physics Project

    An individual project on a theoretical project.

  • PH-325 Teaching Physics via a School Placement

    This module is for students with an interest in entering teaching, and involves a weekly placement in a local school under the mentorship of a physics teacher. The student will engage both in observation and in various teaching activities. The module will be assessed on the basis of the mentor's report and on written project work.

  • PH-338 Frontiers of Nuclear Physics

    This module covers nuclear physics, including applications of fission and fusion, together with modern developments in the theory of strong interactions.

  • PH-353 Computational Physics

    Computer simulations play a fundamental role in Physics. This course will introduce the the main techniques used in the field; in particular, Monte Carlo calculations. The student will also be equipped with the needed computing skills.

  • PH-M40 Computational Science Project

    Students will perform individual projects based on advanced Science topics using computational techniques.


  • Extracting small signals from highly oscillating data: the sign problem in Condensed Matter Physics (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Biagio Lucini
  • Aspects of Strongly Interacting Quantum Field Theories in 2+1D (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Gert Aarts
  • Topics in anisotropic lattice QCD at high temperature (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Chris Allton
  • QCD under extreme conditions: heating up quarks and gluons (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Gert Aarts
  • Hadron spectroscopy at non zero temperature using Lattice QCD techniques. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Gert Aarts
  • Improved Numerical Methods for Domain Wall Fermions in 2+1d. (awarded 2019)

    Other supervisor: Prof Gert Aarts
  • 'Topological visualisation techniques to enhance understanding of Lattice QCD simulations«br /» ' (awarded 2018)

    Other supervisor: Dr Bob Laramee

External Responsibilities

  • Chair, Particle Physics Grants Panel (Theory), STFC

    2009 - Present