Professor Graham Shore
Telephone: (01792) 295737
Room: Office - 501
Fifth Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • Theoretical particle physics
  • Quantum field theory
  • General relativity and cosmology


  1. Memory, Penrose limits and the geometry of gravitational shockwaves and gyratons. Journal of High Energy Physics 2018(12), 133
  2. A new twist on the geometry of gravitational plane waves. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(9)
  3. The c and a-theorems and the Local Renormalisation Group. Springer International Publishing.
  4. & Leptogenesis and gravity: Baryon asymmetry without decays. Physics Letters B 766, 162-169.
  5. & Causality, renormalizability and ultra-high energy gravitational scattering. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 49(21), 215401
  6. & Causality violation, gravitational shockwaves and UV completion. Journal of High Energy Physics 2016(3)
  7. & Leptogenesis from loop effects in curved spacetime. Journal of High Energy Physics 1604, 030
  8. & Radiatively-induced gravitational leptogenesis. Physics Letters B B751, 469-473.
  9. & Gravitational leptogenesis, C, CP and strong equivalence. Journal of High Energy Physics(2015:76)
  10. & The quark condensate in multi-flavour QCD – planar equivalence confronting lattice simulations. Physics Letters B 741, 184-189.

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  • PH-221 Electromagnetism and Special Relativity I

    This module introduces the fundamental principles of special relativity and applies them to relativistic particle dynamics and basic electromagnetism.


  • 'Gravitational Leptogenesis and Open Quantum Systems in Inflation ' (awarded 2017)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Timothy Hollowood