Dr Sahar Basiri Esfahani
Senior Research Scientist (Sêr SAM Program)
Telephone: (01792) 604789
Room: Office - 402
Fourth Floor
Vivian Building
Singleton Campus

Areas of Expertise

  • quantum optics, opto-mechanics, open quantum systems, quantum measurement and control, single-photon and two-photon interferometry


  1. & Precision ultrasound sensing on a chip. Nature Communications 10(1)
  2. & Quantum and classical control of single photon states via a mechanical resonator. New Journal of Physics 18(6), 063023
  3. & Quantum optics with one or two photons. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science 471(2180), 20150208
  4. & Integrated quantum photonic sensor based on Hong-Ou-Mandel interference. Optics Express 23(12), 16008
  5. & Phonon number measurements using single photon opto-mechanics. New Journal of Physics 14(8), 085017


  • PH-026 Foundation Mathematics for Physicists II

    Mathematics skills to complement the Foundation Year physics curriculum and prepare students for Level 1 physics.