Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  1. Powathil, G., Chaplain, M. A Hybrid Multiscale Approach in Cancer Modelling and Treatment Prediction (Ed.), Mathematical Oncology 2013 237 263 Birkhauser

Conference Contributions

  1. Powathil, G., Thompson, A., Chaplain, M., Powathil, G. The role of cellular heterogeneity on the therapeutic response of breast cancer: Clinical insights from a hybrid multiscale computational model Cancer Research 72 24 Supplement P5-05-02 P5-05-02

Other Research Outputs

  1. Powathil, G. Modelling of brain tumours: Effects of microenvironment and associated therapeutic strategies
  2. Powathil, G. A heat and mass transfer model for bread baking: an investigation using numerical schemes