Professor Feng-yu Wang
Telephone: (01792) 295835
Room: Academic Office - 203
Second Floor
Talbot Building
Singleton Campus


  1. & Irreducibility and Asymptotics of Stochastic Burgers Equation Driven by α-stable Processes. Potential Analysis
  2. & Pointwise characterizations of curvature and second fundamental form on Riemannian manifolds. Science China Mathematics 61(8), 1407-1420.
  3. & Gradient Estimates on Dirichlet and Neumann Eigenfunctions. International Mathematics Research Notices
  4. Identifying Constant Curvature Manifolds, Einstein Manifolds, and Ricci Parallel Manifolds. The Journal of Geometric Analysis
  5. & Degenerate SDEs with singular drift and applications to Heisenberg groups. Journal of Differential Equations 265(6), 2745-2777.

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