Professor Feng-yu Wang
Telephone: (01792) 295459
Room: Academic Office - 203
Second Floor
Talbot Building
Singleton Campus


  1. Wang, F. Gradient and Hessian Estimates for Dirichlet and Neumann Eigenfunctions Quarterly Journal of Mathematics
  2. Wang, F., Wang, J. Isoperimetric inequalities for non-local Dirichlet forms Potential Analysis
  3. Ba, J., Yuan, C., Wang, F. Ergodicity for Neutral Type SDEs with Infinite Length of Memory Mathematische Nachrichten
  4. Wang, F. Exponential Contraction in Wasserstein Distances for Diffusion Semigroups with Negative Curvature Potential Analysis
  5. Ren, P., Wang, F. Bismut formula for Lions derivative of distribution dependent SDEs and applications Journal of Differential Equations

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