Areas of Expertise

  • computational topology
  • data science


  1. Dlotko, P., Kapidani, B., Pitassi, S., Specogna, R. Fake Conductivity or Cohomology: Which to Use When Solving Eddy Current Problems With $h$ -Formulations? IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 55 6 1 4
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  5. Dlotko, P., Wanner, T. Rigorous cubical approximation and persistent homology of continuous functions Computers & Mathematics with Applications 75 5 1648 1666

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  • MA-121 Methods of Algebra and Calculus (with Matlab)

    This module provides a basic introduction to a number of calculation techniques. In the first part we will cover basic calculation methods for matrices and integrals as well as practical techniques. In the second part we will explore basic algorithms and their implementation in Matlab.

  • MA-162 Computational Methods (with Matlab)

    An introduction to computational methods. The module covers basic problems in computation including error analysis and methods for approximating the solution of an equation, and approximating the value of a definite integral. It also highlights the use of MATLAB in the numerical solution of problems.


  • Generalisations of Tropical Geometry over Hyperfields. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Jeffrey Giansiracusa
  • Applications of Topological Data Analysis to Statistical Physics and other systems. (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Jeffrey Giansiracusa
  • Probability meets Topological Data Analysis (current)

    Other supervisor: Prof Jeffrey Giansiracusa