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Tanjil Sowgat is a post-doctoral research assistant working with Dr Sergei Shubin. He is currently appointed as a research officer for the project ‘Poverty alleviation through prevention and future control of the two major socioeconomically-important pathogens in Asian aquaculture.’ Tanjil is assisting Dr Sergei and Dr Heather (Aberdeen University) to explore the socioeconomic dimensions in this project.

Before taking this position, Tanjil worked as an associate professor at Khulna University, Bangladesh. He completed his PhD from Heriot-Watt University, UK and MSc from Oxford Brookes University, UK. His works explore poverty, urbanisation, equity planning and climate resilient planning. He also worked as a consultant in public sector, national and international NGOs and his consultancy tasked mainly focused on urban design in organic cities, safe cities for women and children and disaster risk reduction.