My specialist areas are in boundary layer meterology; land-surface-atmosphere interactions; footprint modelling; greenhouse gas fluxes.

Research Interests:

My research focuses on interactions of the terrestrial biosphere and the lower atmosphere.

(i) Footprint/source-area modelling based on a backward Lagrangian particle dispersion model to determine the upwind surface area of influence for an atmospheric flux or concentration measurement.

Online footprint estimate: Calculate a footprint using a simple parameterisation (

(ii) Vegetation - atmosphere carbon and water vapour exchange: processes controlling and influencing the carbon and water balances

(iii) Upscaling of local greenhouse gas flux measurements to a regional or continental scale, taking into account heterogeneous surfaces, complex terrain, and issues in spatial and temporal resolution

Areas of Expertise

  • Biosphere/atmosphere interactions
  • Footprint modelling
  • Boundary layer meterology
  • Greenhouse gas fluxes


  1. Kim, J., Hwang, T., Schaaf, C., Kljun, N., Munger, J. Seasonal variation of source contributions to eddy-covariance CO 2 measurements in a mixed hardwood-conifer forest Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 253-254 71 83
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  7. Sutherland, G., Chasmer, L., Kljun, N., Devito, K., Petrone, R. Using High Resolution LiDAR Data and a Flux Footprint Parameterization to Scale Evapotranspiration Estimates to Lower Pixel Resolutions Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 43 215 229

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  • Investigating vegetation variability in the Galapagos Archipelago during ENSO using MODIS Normalised Difference Vegetation Index data and climate data. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Sietse Los

Career History

Start Date End Date Position Held Location
2016 Present Professor Swansea University
2013 2016 Associate Professor (Reader) Swansea University
2013 2014 Visiting Professor, LUCCI Lund University, Sweden
2012 2012 Distinguished Visiting Scientist, CSIRO/CMAR Canberra, Australia
2007 2013 Senior Lecturer Swansea University
2004 2007 Research Associate, INFRAS, Consulting Berne, Switzerland
2004 2007 Postdoctoral Fellow ETH Zurich, Switzerland
2002 2003 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada
1998 2002 PhD in Natural Sciences (Dr sc nat) ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Departmental Admission Tutor for Postgraduate Research - Department of Geography

    2012 - Present

  • Member - NERC Peer Review College

    2010 - Present

  • Member - College of Reviewers, Canada Research Chairs

    2007 - Present

  • School's representative - Collaborative Provision Committee of Swansea University

    2009 - 2012

  • Coordinator - School's exchange students

    2007 - 2012

  • School's academic staff representative - Human Resources Committee

    2008 - 2011

  • School's representative - Athena Swan

    2009 - 2009

Research Groups


    The group has extensive experience in analysis of remote sensing data for land-surface and climate change detection, and biogeochemical modelling (e.g., UK Met Office land surface model JULES) and command excellent links to the FLUXNET community. The group has active collaborations with NASA, the MODIS team, ESA and UK space industry.