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  • GE-005 Geography Tutorial and Skills Module

    The Geography tutorial programme endeavors to foster students' capacity for independent learning and research in geography.

  • GE-007 Foundation Physical and Environmental Geography

    This module complements topics taught in the Foundation Human Geography module (GE-008), to give an understanding of physical geography and the environment. The module considers the impacts of physical geography processes on human habitation, and how humans might mitigate against the effects of nature's extreme events. It also examines the complex issues surrounding human impacts on the landscape. Foundation Physical & Environmental Geography will pave the way for students to study Geography at Level 4 (Year 1).

  • GE-008 Foundation Human Geography.

    An introduction to human geography concepts and themes from the perspective of contemporary research. The material covered builds on the A2 syllabus and focuses on the areas of development, globalisation and sustainability. Development is a continuing concern of geographers while the economic, political, social and environmental aspects of Globalisation increasingly impact on people and places. Themes relating to Sustainability (Sustainable Water, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Population and Sustainable Cities) draw attention to the complexities and the management of a sustainable planet.

  • GEG252V Geographical Fieldwork skills: Vancouver

    The module is concerned with identifying and defining geographical questions within the Vancouver and southern British Columbia context and applying relevant geographical skills, knowledge and techniques to these questions. The general aims are to observe, analyse and achieve an understanding of the varied geographical landscape and inherent features of Vancouver and southern British Columbia. Students taking this module will gain experience in research design, methodologies, data analysis and presentation methods, including seminars, posters and reports. Students taking this field course focus on either the physical or human geography on the region and conduct project work appropriate to their specialism. The module comprises preparatory lectures in Swansea during teaching block 2 and a two-week field course, which typically runs in the last week of teaching block 2 into the first week of the Easter vacation.