Dr Paul Alton

Dr Paul Alton

Senior Lecturer, Geography

Telephone number

+44 (0) 1792 295069

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Accademic Ofice - 021
Ground Floor
Margam Building
Singleton Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


My PhD and initial postdoctoral research were in astrophysics with an emphasis on the propagation of optical radiation and the emission of thermal radiation. When I came to Swansea in 2004, I developed a new approach to carbon modelling, simulating photosynthesis in tree canopies through the transfer of both diffuse and direct sunlight.

My current research and teaching interests focus on carbon, water and energy exchange between the land-surface and the atmosphere. I seek to understand fully these processes, particularly over vegetation, and how they might change under a future climate. I use both complex and simple Land-Surface Models to simulate these processes, calibrated and constrained by ground-based (eddy covariance FLUXNET) observations and satellite remote-sensing (e.g. MODIS).

Areas Of Expertise

  • Environmental modelling and radiative transfer in vegetation canopies
  • Global simulations of carbon, water and energy exchange between the landsurface and the atmosphere
  • Parameter retrieval of biophysical properties using optimisation methods